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Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy aims to replace exactly what the body is missing due to the aging process, stress, or both. Bio-identical therapy restores balance.  Belle Medical will tailor testing and treatment to your specific needs.  Testing methods include salivary testing to see exactly how the organs are utilizing vital hormones. When was the last time someone offered you an Ambien level, Premarin level, or a Zoloft level? Those levels don’t exist.   BHRT medicine is simply more precise.  Belle Medical will help you find the balance you need to live a full and energetic life.

Female BHRT

Most women have hormone imbalances even before menopause.  Any symptom that changes with your cycle is a hormone imbalance. Symptoms of a Hormone Imbalance Include Hot Flashes, Heavy Menstrual Flow, Menstrual Migraines, Swelling, Breast Tenderness, irritability, and Edema.  Imbalances in the major sex steroid hormones can lead to symptoms later in life, even while you are still cycling.  Accurate testing and replacement of all ovarian hormones, including testosterone, can restore your feeling of normal pre-menopause, or during the menopause transition.

Belle Medical believes there is NOT one drug to fix all.  We provide accurate hormone testing utilizing saliva and blood. Saliva testing can tell us how the organs are utilizing the hormones needed for optimal function. A treatment plan will be tailored to help relieve your current symptoms. 

Male HRT


Our Male Hormone Replacement Therapy is carefully designed to address specific hormonal imbalances and deficiencies that can occur with age or other factors. With a personalized treatment plan tailored to each individual, we utilize a holistic approach that combines evidence-based medicine with integrative practices. Our expert practitioners will conduct thorough evaluations, including comprehensive hormone testing, to determine the most suitable HRT options for you.

At our integrative health practice, we prioritize patient education and empowerment. We take the time to explain the benefits, potential risks, and expected outcomes of male HRT, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the treatment process. Our team is committed to supporting you throughout your HRT journey, providing ongoing monitoring, adjustments, and guidance to ensure your hormones are in optimal balance. Experience the transformative effects of our Male Hormone Replacement Therapy and embark on a path towards renewed vitality, improved well-being, and a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Gut Health -At our integrative wellness clinic, we understand the critical role that gut health plays in overall well-being. That's why we offer comprehensive Gut Health Testing to assess and optimize the health of your digestive system. Our testing protocols utilize cutting-edge diagnostic tools and advanced laboratory analysis to provide valuable insights into your gut microbiome, digestive function, and potential imbalances.

During our Gut Health Testing, our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your unique health concerns and symptoms. Through a combination of stool analysis, breath tests, and other specialized assessments, we aim to uncover any underlying issues such as gut dysbiosis, inflammation, or food intolerances. By identifying specific imbalances, we can tailor personalized treatment plans to restore and enhance your gut health.

Our integrative approach combines evidence-based medicine with natural and holistic therapies. Based on the results of your Gut Health Testing, our knowledgeable practitioners will develop a comprehensive treatment plan that may include dietary adjustments, targeted supplementation, lifestyle modifications, and stress management techniques. Our goal is to support your digestive health, improve nutrient absorption, alleviate symptoms, and promote overall wellness from within. Experience the transformative effects of our Gut Health Testing and take a step towards optimizing your gut health for long-lasting vitality and improved quality of life.

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Adrenal glands are responsible for our body's inner clock. During the acute phase of stress, our Adrenals respond by increasing cortisol, a hormone in our body that helps cope with stressors. This response in the acute phase is normal but prolonged stressors can result in adrenal fatigue which can last for years to decades. Most people walk around thinking this is a normal process of aging... FATIGUE IS COMMON BUT NOT NORMAL. Belle Medical specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of adrenal fatigue. Salivary testing can indicate where your body needs support. Treatments include tailored nutritional support and in advanced stages, replacing depleted hormones. 

The thyroid requires a careful balance of hormone secretion to maintain function. Around 25% of the population experiences an under-performing thyroid with symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, cold intolerance, hair thinning, and brittle nails. Thyroid hormones are necessary for cellular metabolism.


When the thyroid hormone levels are below optimal levels you may experience symptoms and struggle to find an answer. Most do not even know the thyroid is the cause of their symptoms. And traditional Western medicine often misses the mark due to most providers doing the wrong testing. Some women see 7 different providers before being accurately diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Belle Medical recognizes that traditional medicine does not always support the thyroid in all patients. 


Comprehensive Testing for antibodies, free T3, free T4, TSH, and sometimes reverse T3 is required for patients to obtain the most beneficial treatment. We offer traditional thyroid replacement, along with BHRT and nutritional supplementation when appropriate. 

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Semaglutide is a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) analog that was approved in 2017 as a treatment method for improving glycemic control in patients with Type 2 diabetes. More recently Semaglutide was approved by the FDA for non-diabetic weight loss.

Studies have demonstrated that Semaglutide reduced appetite, improved control of eating, and reduced food cravings in addition to improved glycemic control. The greatest weight loss benefits were observed when Semaglutide is used in combination with lifestyle changes, such as improved diet and consistent exercise.

How does Semaglutide work?

GLP-1 is a hormone produced in the small intestine that stimulates insulin secretion and inhibits glucagon secretion, thereby lowering blood sugar.

Semaglutide has demonstrated beneficial effects on glycemia, in addition to a host of other benefits.

Reported Benefits:
• Weight Loss
• Neuroprotective
• Improved Fertility
• Treatment of PCOS
• Smoking Cessation
• Cardiovascular Benefits

How should Semaglutide be used?

Semaglutide is a subcutaneous injection administered once weekly.

This medication is generally well-tolerated and can be dosed continuously without breaking treatment with no diminishing effects.

Side effects/contraindications:
The most commonly reported side effects to include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and constipation. The risk of serious side effects increases in patients with hypoglycemia, kidney problems, and risk of allergic reactions.



Tirzepatide is a once-weekly GIP (glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide) receptor, and GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1) receptor agonist, representing a new class of medicines studied for the treatment of obesity. Tirzepatide is a single peptide that triggers the body's receptors for GIP and GLP-1, two natural incretin hormones. Cyanocobalamin will help increase energy.

GIP has decreased food intake and increased energy expenditure, resulting in weight reductions. Combined with a GLP-1 receptor agonist, it has a more significant effect on glucose and body weight effects.
Substantial A1C reductions. Boosted weight loss. Improvements in cardiometabolic measures. Reduce appetite.

Belle Medical offers monthly membership options that include visits, labs, and medications!

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